Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Career Decision

C made a decision yesterday about what he wants to be when he grows up. He is going to be a teacher like daddy in the morning and then in the afternoon he's going to be a chicken chaser. Memo and Papa Jim sold their chickens last night and C got to watch it for awhile. I've only seen it once (it was the first batch they sold back in 1999) and it is pretty fascinating. It's amazing how many chickens one person can pick up in their hands. There is a specific way that they can hold the chickens by the legs and can grab like 5 or something in one hand. They also have to be extremely quick to get that many chickens at one time. It is pretty interesting. C must have thought the same thing since he decided that will be a career goal for him down the road. We had a good laugh over that last night.

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Anonymous said...

C's career path that includes chicken chaser reminds me of his mommy's life guard in the summer and work at McDonalds the remainder of the year. Do you remember how part of that dream came true, but you quit before you started. That was such a funny time now as I look back on it. When you turned in your "Hat" you had to stop to buy 2 different kinds of chocolate. The ladies that I worked with at the time always said you were a true woman if chocolate made you happy.