Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I should be paid double.......

I've mentioned in previous posts how much time I'm alone in the office. Today was one of those days, which would've been fine except that C was sick today. I knew he was getting sick, I'd had a "feeling" for the last few days. This morning J and I were trying to decide how to work everything out and I just decided to bring C to work with me and then call the doctor and beg him to see C. C wasn't feeling the best, but he wasn't in terrible shape until about 10:00 and then it started going downhill. So I'm at work with a boy running a 102 temp and George (my boss) is calling and giving me a list of things to do in town. Normally I wouldn't have minded but getting C to go to the courthouse to record a Deed of Trust was not going to be easy. Luckily mom came to my rescue and I picked her up and she sat in the car with C while I did what I needed to do. After the doctors appt Mom came to my office and sat with C while I dropped off his prescription. Right now I'm sitting at work typing this and poor C is laying in our conference room dozing off and on. I think he's made that switch from a little kid to a big kid in the way his body handles fevers. I asked him when we got back if he wanted to watch and movie and he said no. He must really be sick. But never fear, FCS has not shut down, except for C to go to the doctor. They should be proud.

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