Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Statistics from our Agency

Here are some statistics that our agency gave us on Saturday. These are thru June 2007:

6 Adoptions
2 Africian American
3 Caucasian
1 Special Needs

4 placements in July (2 Caucasian, 1 Bi-Racial, 1 African American)

2 if the 6 families already had children

The pregnancy counselor has had inquiries from 45 birthmothers and has worked with 31 of them. Out of the 31 16 decided to parent, 6 were placed for adoption and 9 haven't delivered yet (3AA 3BR 3Cauc)

3 of the 6 adoptions were cold calls. That is where the agency received a call from the hopital after the baby was born

Out of the 31 cases 3 were under the age of 20

Waiting Families:
8 childless couples
4 parenting families
1 couple in the minority infant program

Families is Assessment:
4 childless couples
1 parenting couple (this is us)
3 minority infant program

Embryo Homestudies - 2
Babies born via embryo adoption - 2

International Program Statistics

Our agency currently works in 14 countries

Placements in our state:
Guatemala - 7
China - 4
Philippines - 1
Kazakhstan - 1

Families with referral but waiting to travel - 7

Families waiting a referral - 9

Families in assessment/dossier process - 6

Please keep these people in your prayers. There is a lot involved in all of this, from the birthmothers who make a choice, the agency workers who pull everything together, the parents who are waiting, the country officials who make the decisions in international adoptions and those who have been able to adopt, and most of all for all the children.


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Wow - those are amazing statistics. Thanks for all the good information. I'm really glad you decided to do this.