Saturday, August 18, 2007

Heading to the Picnic

I have edited this post for spelling errors since J pointed them out to me. I don't think Blogger has spell check, at least not like it is in Word.

We left home to head to the big picnic on Thursday. We brought Charlie with us because it's so hot and we didn't want to ask any of our neighbors to take care of him. Last night after we left the picnic J and I were going over everthing that had happened since we left home on Thursday and hopefully today will be somewhat uneventful after the last two days. It all started on Thursday when J got a call from one of his students who said "S______, your Corgi's sitting on your bumper". Somehow Charlie had managed to jump over the tailgate and was sitting on the bumper. We don't know how long he'd been like that. He's fine, but it scared us. Our big picnic experience (up to this point) ended last night with the most disgusting thing we've ever had happen. I won't go into the details here so if you want to know just ask. Most everyone at the picnic probably knows what happened anyway. I think I might be permanently damaged from the experience.

Last night we took Charile into the Pets on Parade and as soon as we got there he spotted a goat and he lost his mind. We've never heard the dog bark so much. It was like he didn't know how to control himself. J ended up having to hold onto him because C couldn't. The dog was nuts. C took him up on stage and they asked him some questions. C told him that Charile would bite him. After seeing how Charlie acted last night everyone probably thinks we have a mean dog. We entered Charlie in the Funniest Looking category and the Prettiest category, but he didn't win either of them. We still think Charlie's a great dog even if he didn't win. As soon as we get home I'll post some pictures of them.

I'm off to the races (literally) and baby show today. Leslie and I are in charge of the baby show so I've got to get some stuff around. Hopefully it will be a little cooler today.

Also ETA: Avery won 3rd place in the toddling race and 3rd place in the Baby Show. C entered the bike race, running race, throwing contest and turtle race. Unfortunately it looks like C got mine and J's athletic ability so he didn't win any ribbons. If only the picnic had an FFA contest...

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Leslie said...

He might have won the bike race if he had better equipment. . . Maybe you should start grooming him now to ask Santa for a bigger bike! ;o) Just kidding - I only said that because you pointed out how small his bike was compared to the other kids!