Monday, August 27, 2007

Our Weekend & C's New Obsession

I know that some of you are logging on in hopes of seeing a picture from the first day of school and I'm sorry to disappoint you. Friday night I created a digital scrapbook page to post to my blog and as I was transferring it to Photobucket our internet went down. We still live in the stone ages and have dial up internet that uses our main phone line. I can hear it connecting, but can't pull up any web address. We need to call the service dept, but that creates another problem since being connected means we can't use the house phone and our cell phones don't work in the house. Hopefully we'll get something figured out so I can post those pictures later in the week.

This is the first Saturday that I have stayed home since June 9 (the day after C's surgery). I thought C might need a day to wear his jammies all day and play with his toys. By 1:00 p.m. he was "bored". I started dismantling my house for my fall cleaning. I'm doing it a little earlier because of the homestudy on the 6th. I try to take everything apart and reorganize drawers and closets plus clean every square inch of the house. It always makes me feel so much better. I do this every six months and each time it seems a little easier to do. I was able to get quite a bit done this weekend so I'm off to a good start on getting the house ready.

C now has two new obsessions. The first one is Salad Spritzer salad dressing from Wishbone. He ate almost an entire bag of lettuce this weekend. He'd pick up each individual piece of lettuce, squirt it with the dressing and then eat it. He was at the table forever Friday and Saturday night eating. Either school is making him hungry or he's getting ready to grow again because he really put the food away this weekend. We measured him the first day of school and he grew over an inch since his birthday.

His second obsession is the History Channel. I know people think we let C watch too much TV, but you really don't understand how he operates. He doesn't necessarily watch it, he just likes it on for background noise. All weekend long he wanted the History Channel on. Something on it will catch his eye and then he'll want to start playing that. Yesterday morning Last of the Mohicans was on and the next thing I knew he had his three cornered hat on and was playing like he's a solider. I really think the TV has helped his imagination. He sees something and then he starts imagining and building on it. It is funny to watch. We had bought him a bear when he had his eye surgery and he had never named it. Last night he decided he would call it Mr. George Washington. J said we'll keep letting him watch it, at least he's picking up a few things. He's started to get interested in the Civil War and Saturday he asked me about World War II. The only problem was yesterday there was a 2 hour program on Evel Kenievel. I hope C doesn't start playing that!

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