Thursday, June 28, 2007

And the doctor/insurance drama continues.....

I called to move our doctors appointments around today and I got the run around. What my doctors office is saying is that since we are having a paper signed saying we are in good health for adoption purposes they will not file it with our insurance company. When I explained that Blue Cross had said as long as it was billed as an annual exam it would be covered the office told me to contact my insurance company again and have Blue Cross fax them something telling them what code to use to bill it and what the coverage amounts will be. I called Blue Cross and they legally can't tell the drs office what code to use, but as long as the exams are coded as a yearly physical they would be covered. Well the doctors office so far has refused to send them in as a yearly physical. Ok, I can handle that on mine, but C needs his 5 year old checkup anyway plus his 5 year old immunizations. If we were just going in for a normal appointment those would be 100% covered, but since I need the doctor to sign his name to the form we may have to pay for the entire visit and shots. I'm so frustrated right now. I feel like we've been through so much and this just adds to it. I know that it really is a minor problem compared to the other things we've been through, but it is really frustrating me. I've made calls back and forth to the doctors office and the insurance company and I'm getting nowhere. J decided to call the nurse at the drs office because she is really good and she said she'd check on it. The only problem is she will check with the ladies at the front desk and we'll just get the same answer. If anyone is looking for a specific thing they could pray for this would be it. I need patience to deal with these women when we go in for our appointments and it would be really nice to have our insurance pay for these visits and that we would come out with a clean bill of health so we can move on to the next step. Mine and C's appointments are Friday, July 6 and J is Thursday July 12. Thanks!

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