Friday, May 23, 2014

Random things on a holiday weekend

I am so glad today is Friday.  I've only worked 4 days this week, but it has been the longest week ever!  I've been so tired every morning and I haven't wanted to get out of bed.  Thankfully that isn't a common occurence for me, but when those times happen they are miserable!  Of course I've tried to talk myself into getting up every morning with the promise of sleeping in on Saturday.  I'm sure I will be up at 5 am tomorrow.  That will be fine as long as I wake up ready to go and not have this so tired I want to sleep until noon feeling - that is a yucky feeling. 

Jay and Cade got out of school Wednesday. Jay has to go three extra days though for Professional Development.  According to him Thursday was the worst day of his whole 15 year teaching career.  He may have been a little dramatic, but I can understand.  It is also a miserable feeling when you have a million other things to do (like for the county fair) and you are stuck listening to people talk about things that either don't make sense or you will never actually apply in the real world.  But that is the way it goes in every profession.

This past week we added to our version of Green Acres.  We have more baby chicks.  We already have a half grown flock for out county fair.  Now we've added another flock of babies for the Gala.  The Gala is still two months away, I have no idea why we get those chickens so early.  Right now the chicks are living in our garage.  The reason for that is 1) Jay didn't quite have the chicken house set up to have the babies and 2) we have a black snake roaming around.  Sharon and I saw the snake in our backyard on Mother's Day.  He made another appearance Tuesday night.  Before Jay could kill him he slithered into the chicken house and is between the inside wall and the tin on the outside.  Jay decided to keep the babies in the garage until they get big enough the snake can't eat them. 

So to recap in case you are as lost as I am.....

15-20 half grown chicks
15-20 baby chicks
3 pigs (we sold one and one died which is another story)
too many calves for me to keep straight (which are not halter broke and the fair is in 2 weeks)
And 1 black snake

Jay and Cade are going to be gone the middle of June for over a week.  I've told Jay the black snake needs to be gone before I'm responsible for the chickens.  If I run into a snake in the chicken house it is highly possible I will have a heart attack.  My heart will explode right then and there.  I am terrified of snakes. 

And I will leave you with a picture and video of Camryn.  She has a band aid obsession and sometimes it is too hard for me to tell her no.  

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