Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Our Version of a Three Ring Circus

Thursday night I stayed after work and got groceries for Camryn's party.  Jay stayed at home with the kids.  That is a pretty normal occurrence for us since it is easier for me to grocery shop alone and Jay would rather be at home with the kids then going with me.  It is usually a win-win for both of us. 

Thursday night was like any other night.  Camryn declared she wanted to walk the pigs but "just one pig at a time" is what she always says.  Jay got the black pig out and they walked it.  When he put it up both of the white pigs ran out at once.  Jay thought he would just try to walk both of them at the same time.  Camryn decided that she was done walking pigs so she disappeared to the front of the house.  Cade had been inside and came out shortly after Camryn disappeared.  Since Jay was busy with the pigs he asked Cade to check on Camryn.  The next thing Jay saw was Cade chasing Charlie through the yard.  Camryn had walked around to the garage and turned the Gala baby chicks loose.  Charlie thought he had hit the big time so he grabbed one and ran off with it.  That is why Cade was chasing the dog and screaming at him.  So Jay had two pigs, a flock of chickens, an almost 3 year old and an extremely upset pre-teen all loose at the same time.  I'd say things were more than crazy for a few minutes around the house.  Jay managed to save the chicken from Charlie, got the chicks put away and got the pigs back in their fence.  He was catching his breath and then thought he could hear his name faintly being called...."Jay....Jay."  He looked around for the source and finally spotted our neighbor....with a broom...chasing the black pig home.  At some point during the earlier excitement the black pig had escaped and Jay didn't realize it. 

When I heard the full story Saturday morning I asked Jay if he realized we might have a little too much going on at the same time.  All Jay said was "it was crazy."       

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