Wednesday, May 21, 2014

6th Grade Graduation and a trip to Silver Dollar City

Miller has an actual 6th Grade Graduation.  I'm not sure I've ever heard of one before so I wasn't sure what to expect.  It was actually was more like a 6th grade awards assembly and not so much like a graduation.  It was a short, sweet little program (the best kind).  They did have a slide show but we were so far away Jay said it could've been pictures of kids from Alaksa for all we would know.  We did spot our trailer once....not our kid....our trailer.  We were very happy to have all of Cade's grandparents with us and Aunt Charity and Avery.  We appreciate everyone coming on a weird Tuesday evening. 

The day before the graduation Jay and I went to Silver Dollar City with Cade's class.  I am so tired today after all these activities.  We got stuck with a group of boys who weren't exactly bad, just high maintenance.  I'm sure it was because Jay went and there are very few males that go on these elementary field trips....and even fewer males who are also teachers and know how to handle shenanigans.   I think those elementary teachers loved seeing Jay show up for the field trips over the years.  That meant there was a bathroom monitor!

I on the other hand am not use to shenanigans.  Quite honestly I can't tolerate it.  I still to this day do not comprehend why people can not do what they are told.  Why can people not keep their hands to themselves, or quit talking or for the love of pete stay with the group?  I spent most of my day Monday trying to spot JR.  That boy could not stay with our group.  Ever.  That is the first thing I pound into Cade's head when he goes somewhere without me - STAY WITH THE GROUP.    That evening Cade made a good analogy.  He said that JR was like a pig.  Not the classic way most people compare people to pigs but because pigs are very curious and constantly wander around getting into things. 

Towards the end of the day 4 of the boys were on Wildfire.  Jay decided to wander away from me for awhile.  Cade came running up to me and said that one of the boys was stuck on the roller coaster and was having to walk down.  I headed to the coaster and called Jay.  He was going to head that way.  I got the boys and realized we had another boy who was on the American Plunge.  I had completely forgotten about him.  I had to call Jay back and tell him to wait on Jesse.  And that's when it hit me- I have really only had to worry about 1 kid at a time during my parenting years.  I quite honestly am not cut out for being responsible for that many beings at one time.  God gave me my children one at a time because He knew I couldn't handle it.  Anyway, our boy made it down ok and now has a story to tell.  Another boy (from another school) opened up his restraint while the coaster was moving so it shut down.  Stupid kid.  What if the coaster hadn't stopped?  It does go upside down.  See - I can't handle that.  Why can't they just sit still and not touch anything???

Which then reminds me of another story about JR (the curious as a pig boy).  We were on Fire in the Hole.  The ride started out and JR stuck his arm out.  Cade said the minute he saw JR do that he knew I was going to yell, which I did.  Of course I'm a child of the 80's and have heard all the Urban Legends of Fire in the Hole.....people loosing limbs, people being decapitated, people being snake bit, etc.  I'm not sure if any of it is true, but as narrow as the ride is I'd say having an extended arm ripped off would be very possible.  I did not want to be known as the chaperonage who brought back a kid with a bloody stub.  Then as we were pulling up to get off one of the workers yelled at the same kid for sticking his foot out of the cart before it stopped.  How hard is it to keep your appendages inside the ride????  I don't understand. 

Other than being bossed around by a boy who had only been there 1 other time it was a good day.  That particular boy talked non-stop.  All the time.  So much so that I had to take some Tylenol.  If I had to guess I'd say that I've been to SDC at least 50 times. And that is a conservative estimate.  I know my way around the place.  I got the boys to where they wanted to be in the most direct way possible.  But this particular boy didn't think I could do it.  There was one time where I had to stop for a second because I had turned the wrong way.  But we took maybe two or three steps before I got my bearings.  This kid said "we took another wrong turn."  Grrr!!!   

Of course Jay just loved this because he deals with this stuff every day.  He thinks it is funny that 5 boys drove me crazy.  I do have to brag about Cade though.  These boys weren't exactly his friends, but he never complained about having to go around with them and he never acted mad or upset about it.  He also told us that since he gets to go to SDC pretty often the other boys could pick what they wanted to do.  I thought that was very sweet of him to say that.  Sometimes I worry about Cade and if we are preparing him enough for the world, but then when I see him in action around other kids I realize he is a good kid and is well on his way to turning out just fine.  

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