Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A spelling bee and a movie

Friday Cade called me after school to tell me his big news. His class had a spelling bee that day and he was one of 3 that has advanced to the Miller Spelling Bee. I’ll admit I was excited and I also laughed a little because we didn’t practice for this at all. The night he brought the word list home I was by myself and Camryn cried most of the evening (it was also the same day when Cade cut the back of his shirt). I looked at the list and wanted to cry myself. The instructions were to practice one column a night. It seemed like there were about a 100 columns with a billion words in each one. My nerves were frazzled and we’d already struggled through his regular spelling words and math. I couldn’t take any more. I put the list down and forgot about it for a week. Then last Wednesday night Jay saw on Cade’s weekly info paper from his teacher that the bee was Friday. I gave Jay the list(this again was after struggling through our regular homework). Jay looked it over for a few minutes…then being the great educator he is says “Cade, do you want to study these words”?. Cade said “not really”. So Jay told him he could go play. We forgot about it, until Cade came home and told us he’d won and that the other 2 boys who advanced from his class didn’t study either. Jay and I had a good laugh about all of that.

So Friday evening, after a really crappy week at work for me, we decided to celebrate by taking Cade to the movies. Since we are cheap people we went to the cheap movies. I would’ve splurged to see Beauty and the Best in 3D, but Cade thought it was too girly and we don’t like to pay for Jay to see a 3D movie. Since he doesn’t have depth perception he can’t see 3D movies. Everyone else in the theatre is ducking and Jay will whisper “is that supposed to look like it’s coming at us”. Yeah, it’s a waste of money. He’s even said so himself. We ended up settling on Puss N Boots.

It was a cute movie and the evening went well because Camryn slept through the whole thing. In fact at the end of it I slung her around a little looking for her lost sock and she didn’t wake up at all. The movie also gave Cade some great lines to use the rest of the night. Can’t remember where he put his shoes, but he memorized a movie after 1 viewing. Listening to him imitate Antonio Banderas at least gave us a break from all the Dorrell Green talk he had done earlier. If you don’t know that name you haven’t been listening to college football talk– at least not Razorback and MU talk…or you haven’t been around Cade for longer than 3 minutes.

His favorite lines from the movie – “fear me if you dare” spoken with an accent. Camryn loves this one the most….which is probably why I’ve heard it a million times since Friday night.

While Jay and I were discussing if we were going to take Camryn in her car seat into Mexican Villa or leave it in the car “Of course we are going to take her – she poops golden eggs” (they were looking for the Golden Goose in the movie). I made sure to clear up that it was the car seat we were talking about leaving, not the baby.

Yes, we are cheap, but we do get popcorn at the movies. Instead of asking if we were getting popcorn (since that seems to be a given in his world) he asked if we were going to get butter on it. Of course! After the movie we asked him what he wanted for dinner. He said “I’ll eat anything that doesn’t have butter on it”. Yeah, a tub of butter tends to do that to a person.

While eating his last chip at Mexican Villa and in the Antonio Banderas accent “Goodbye sweet sauce, we will meet again”

I wish I could record all of these conversations when he’s in the right mood. He is so funny. 

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