Friday, January 27, 2012

Sickies and the Spelling Bee

Camryn had her first true sick day Wednesday. It started Tuesday night with a low grade fever which quickly turned into 102.2. By the next morning she was erupting hot snot every time she sneezed...much like molten lava from a volcano. I swear the snot temp was as high as her temperature. As soon as I wiped her nose the first time it all came back to me. I remember discussing the science of hot snot with Sandra 10 years ago when our boys were little.

I always figured Camryn would be a pill when it came to medicine. The only thing she's ever had, up to this point, were gas drops, gripe water and a handful of Tylenol doses.  Those were such an ugly fight I've dreaded the day when we had to do more. Thankfully we escaped an antibiotic. Don't even want to think about that stuff. We never had any issues with Cade and medicine, except when he was having the chronic strep.  But that was understandable - almost 6 months of non stop nasty medicine is reason to throw a fit.  Not really sure what Camryn's excuse is because she's been a brat about it since the beginning.  I've had little mental bells going off lately that make me think she's going to be our hard child.  After this week I'm pretty confident she is the one who will make my hair turn gray. I've had a long few days with her.  Quite honestly I was a teeny tiny bit giddy when I handed her over to Stacy this morning and drove the rest of the way to work completely alone.   

The day Camryn was sick was Cade's big Spelling Bee day at the elementary.  There were 3 kids from each of the 2 classes 4th-6th grades - so a total of 18 kids.  They went in order of grades and Cade was the 2nd one.  The kid in front of him got airplane, the kid behind him got aware.  Cade got appliance. didn't go so well.  But because I'm a terrible person, I was also secretly happy when another 4th grader got out on his first word.  Half of the 4th graders were out on round one and the other half were out on round 2.  At least Cade was right on target with his age group. 

So you know my ugly secrets for the week...I'm giddy because someone else has my baby right now and I was happy when another child messed up so mine wouldn't feel as bad. 

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