Monday, January 30, 2012

Power Point

I don’t know if it is a state wide thing or a local thing but Computers are a big part of the 4th grade curriculum in Miller. The kids sit 2 to a desk and there is a computer on each one. Cade has made all sorts of things on the computer. They’ve learned how to make brochures and power points and he even has had some typing classes. I’ve also seen pages that he has typed, had to use different fonts and then had to correct them. I’m pretty amazed at how much he knows about computers and everything he can do with them. I don’t know how to use the publishing part of office and I’m not that great with power point. Cade though is becoming an expert.

Friday night he asked if he could use my laptop to make a Power Point. He worked all Friday evening on a presentation entitled “Why I should have Legos”. I can only assume the title was a direct reference to my decree that he did not need Legos for Christmas because of Camryn (and before you feel too badly for him he has two drawers that are full of the little choking hazards). I have to admit I was pretty impressed with his work on the Power Point. Each slide made sense and I learned more about the Ninja Legos than I ever cared to know. He also knows how to Google relevant pictures and place them into the slides. He did inform me that he’s tried Clip Art before but apparently their Lego pictures were not up to his high standards.

After watching the first presentation Jay and I gave him the proper encouragement that all parents do. We told him good job and that it was really great. That fueled the fire and he went on to create 3 more over the course of the weekend….The Razorbacks, The Chiefs and The SEC. By Sunday morning, as I was viewing the SEC show, I realized that I was feeling like I was at an FCS meeting….so many slides that quite frankly don’t interest me a whole lot but I have to look like they are the most interesting things I’ve seen since the last set they showed me. Forget professional football player or Ag Teacher….Cade is going to be a CEO!

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