Monday, January 9, 2012

Alabama vs LSU

If you are one of the millions waiting in anticipation for tonight’s game here is Cade’s take on it. I’m not sure if you are betting on the game I’d necessarily go with Cade’s prediction…but then again, he does have a 50/50 shot at being correct.

Cade predicts that Alabama will beat LSU

When I asked him why he thinks they will win this was his response…

I know that LSU beat Alabama before and they are the #1 team in the nation, but I think Alabama will win. LSU does have a good defense but their offense isn’t very good. Their quarterback sits on the ball for too long. Alabama has a good offense and defense.

This is the same boy that when asked about his day all I get is “fine”, but ask a question about football and you’ll get more than you really ever cared to know. Friday night Jay took Cade to a Cotton Bowl party. I think he drove a college age kid a little crazy, but Jay thought it was funny (and good for the college kid…or maybe it was good for Jay? He got a break). This whole Big 12 shakeup is blowing Cade’s mind right now. I think he asked a lot of questions about it.

But he comes by this obsession naturally. If I’ve heard once, I’ve heard a million times about how unfair this whole BCS stuff is. Wonder where Cade is getting all of his information???

If only Cade would attack his weekly spelling word list with such zeal.

And yes, our TV will be tuned to the game....not necessarily by choice.... I'm just outnumbered. 

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