Tuesday, April 12, 2011

State Standardized Testing

Today is the first day of MAP testing at school. Cade is a wreck. He got confused and thought they were testing last week. The whole first weekend of April he stressed over it. The day we came home from my dad's birthday party he went over and over the injustice of taking this test. In 1st and 2nd grades he took the Terra Nova test so he sees himself as a testing guidelines specialist. He kept telling us that he wouldn't get a recess and wouldn't even get lunch during the week they were testing. We kept telling Cade over and over there was no way they were going to expect kids to do well with no breaks. And there was absolutely no way they would not feed him lunch. He swore that way back in 2nd grade he got no recess and no lunch those days. When we got home that evening I searched all over his bag to make sure I didn't miss the testing note. I told him I didn't think he would have to worry about it because there was no note. No school conducts a test without first sending home a note. He didn't believe me. The next day I picked him up from school so I asked how the test went. He said that the test was next week . He also said that they wouldn't get their morning recess but they would get an extra long one in the afternoon. I asked him if Ms. C told them that or if he asked….He said he asked but that he forgot to ask her if they'd still get lunch.

Thank goodness clearing up the lunch/recess issues seemed to have calmed him down about the test. I know fear is a useful tactic for some teachers to use, but it clearly does not work in our household. Cade is so worried about being tied to his desk, tummy grumbling from hunger and not being able to move on to the 4th grade that he isn't going to test very well. Jay told Cade that Ms. C only said that they wouldn't be able to pass just to get them to pay attention and listen. I think Jay felt a little guilty letting Cade in on that teaching secret, but it was necessary.

I'm sure Ms. C is ready to ship the Shepherd's off to the 4th grade. I wonder if she will grimace when she sees us turn in our permission slip to the field trip with all three of our names on there – because we both always go on his field trips. Every year I picture the scene…Teachers sitting around talking about who gets what kid the next year…I'm sure there are giggles when last years teacher hears who gets us for the next year. Not that we are bad or mean to the teacher….we are probably considered "high maintenance". Yup, we definitely have a file started on us at the school…..child seems to become highly stressed over little issues….after talking with parents we find the apple didn't fall far from that tree….parents may also slightly smother child….But it is a benefit to have father on field trips because he supervises the boy's bathroom….

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