Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter!...and other stuff

We had a great Easter weekend.  Jay and Cade were out of school Friday and Monday so I decided to take some vacation time also.  I’m so glad I did.  We didn’t do much, but it was just nice to be together after all the craziness we’ve experienced the last few months.  On Good Friday we went to Springfield and did some shopping.  I have to show off my favorite purchase of the day.  I’ve needed some rubber boots for awhile.  It never fails that when Jay is gone and I have to feed the lot is a muddy mess.  I end up wearing his boots which are way too big and it takes forever to walk anywhere in them.  I’ve looked at Wal-Mart before and plain old ugly black rubber boots were around $30.  I refused to pay that for ugly shoes that I don’t need that often.  Friday I found these little cuties in Maurices of all places – ON SALE.  Of course I had to snap them up!  Then I had to lug them all around the mall for the next couple of hours….

And these boots came in hand on Saturday. Some friends from church were having an auction Saturday morning – and the day started out with it pouring! Thankfully it stopped before the sale, but things were still wet and muddy. I got to break in the new boots! Our church helped by running the concession stand for the sale and it was a fun day….fun but tiring!

Saturday night Cade and I dyed eggs. Can you tell I was trying to get pictures for our new profile? I’m never in any pictures because 1. I hate having my picture taken and 2. I’m always the one taking them. So we had to focus this weekend on getting some pictures of me. Yuck! Look closely – this is one of the only times you will ever see me in a hat. Saturday was a day of firsts….first time to wear rubber boots and the first time (in a very long time) I wore a hat. My hair just doesn’t handle dampness at all. I didn’t even try on Saturday.  On Sunday our Minister put his foot in his mouth - it's a good thing I'm not easily offended!  He told my I looked much better Sunday morning than I did Saturday...then he tried to get himself out of it and made it worse.  Later he asked if I had forgiven him yet!  It was funny. 

Sunday we celebrated that He Is Risen!   The men at church always cook breakfast so Jay had to be there at 6.  The rest of us didn’t get there until 8:30.  After church we went to Jim and Sharon’s for lunch and Terry and Megan were there.  Thanks to Megan for patiently snapping several pictures of us that day. 

Because of the monsoon that hit Missouri over the weekend – we hunted eggs indoors that afternoon.  We also gave Cade an Easter basket….a new outfit that he didn’t care about at all – and this Star Wars book that he loved.  This is classic Cade – he is always studying things.  You can see the wheels turning.

I also made an Easter cake like my Grandma Fowler used to.  Of course it was another photo op for the profile book.  Anyone looking at our book will wonder why there seems  to be a lot of Easterish pictures….and why are we wearing the same clothes in several of them....If only they knew about Jay needing to drag down the Christmas tubs so I can get some shots of things I didn't think about in December....
Monday I worked pretty much all day on our new profile book.  I really hope the old “3rd times a charm” saying is true in our case.  I’m a little sick of profile books.  While putting it together I realized that I have decorated with a lot of red in our house.  It used to be our bedrooms had red….then I started sneaking a little of it in the kitchen.  Since I have Fiesta dishes it works…..then with the new family room curtains I added a whole lot to the family room.  I hope that doesn’t appear to crazy to anyone looking at the book.  I was talking about Nana making our quilts and I was going to put a shot of our quilt in the book, but really it was starting to get embarrassing!    It seriously looks like I could turn in to one of those little old ladies who decorate in all one shade…red carpet, red couch, red curtains, red telephone, etc.  It’s time to lay off the red!

Also, can you tell when I spend a lot of time on the computer? When I do that, that’s when I tend to have lots of pictures in my posts. I have to include one more for posterity....See this purse.  It looks innocent enough, but it was almost the death of me last week.  It's the first time I've tackled sewing something like that totally on my own.  Things went really well until it was time for the lining.  I sewed that lining no less than 5 different times because I could not get it right.  Finally on Thursday morning it hit me like lightning - I knew what I was doing wrong.  I went to fix it before leaving for work and I immediately ran out of thread.  I used a whole spool of thread on that tiny thing.  I'd say 3/4 of the thread got ripped out of it.  It was like a mini party in the house for all of us when I got it done....I felt like I had accomplished something....Jay was just relieved it was done and I could get the mess cleaned up out of the family room. 

And I want to say congratulations to the parents of the two sweet babies born on Good Friday. How funny is that – we know two babies born on the same day. Congratulations Morgan and Leslie on Baby Josie and Daniel and Hannah on Baby Kaiser. Can’t wait to meet them both!

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Shelley said...

That purse! You are so talented. Wow! Very impressive. I could NEVER whip something like that. I love your new shots of the fam for the dreaded 3rd profile book.