Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Something said this weekend….

This was after I had to move our highchair in the garage to get to our card table. I noticed how nasty it looked…which it has sat there for 9 yrs collecting dust….And I was very practical with everything I bought when Cade was a baby, very neutral a/k/a boring!

Me to Jay: Just so you know, if we ever end up with a girl I'm going to buy the pinkest, frilliest highchair I can find. Our old one is ugly.

Jay to Me: Well, I hope you know that if we ever end up with a girl I am buying the biggest shotgun I can find.

And the boy/girl debate still continues in our house. Honestly we really do not care it's just every time we get our heads wrapped around all the good things of a particular sex another family is chosen and then a few days later we are shown to a baby of the opposite sex. Enough already!!! I'm just ready to be at the point where I can either buy the pink frilly high chair or the serviceable blue one. I REALLY DON'T CARE WHICH IT IS…either of them will be fine.

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