Friday, July 16, 2010

Doing Much Better...

I'm doing much, much better today than I was Wednesday.  I think part of it is the crazy hormones.  I did find out yesterday that everything seems to still be moving right along.  Tomorrow morning I get to start the Progestrone in Oil (PIO) shots.  Thankfully, we have a nurse friend who is going to instruct Jay in the art of giving an intramuscular shot.  It is Janella, who is our cake maker.  She is the one who made our wedding cake and all 8 of Cade's birthday cakes.  Now she will have the honor of giving me my first  PIO shot.  (don't worry, I won't link back to a post with pictures of my bruised behind one of these days) 

I've stumbled onto some blogs from 3 other people who will be going through the same thing, at the same time, in the same place.  I can tell by reading their blogs that we are in a totally different place than they are with this situation.  I'm going along on a need to know basis.  If they don't tell me right out or it's not on my protocal I don't know it and I probably haven't even thought about it.  I'm trying to take this one step at a time...1 to keep my sanity because looking at the whole thing is overwhelming and 2 to keep myself from being totally emotionally invested in this.  I've learned over the years to keep some emotional distance from all fertility related things.  I did have that lapse in February and now have a closet full of things to show for it.  I'm trying not to do that again.

But I did learn one thing today...someone adopting embryos in the same stage as ours (but is having them transferred on Tuesday) said that they will start thawing the embryos this weekend.  Hopefully the first two of ours they thaw will be the ones. 

Our plans are to leave tomorrow afternoon.  That is if we can get all of the laudry done, the house cleaned, the livestock moved and The Icebox brought back home.  We are going to spend sometime in Pigeon Forge and the Smoky (don't know how to spell that I've seen it about 3 different ways in my internet searches) Mountains.  We thought a couple of days of relaxation would be good for us me.  I tend to tense up like tightly wound spring when I travel.  Probably a few days of not traveling (ie: being in a car that Jay is driving) will be good for me.  Sorry Jay, but I still remember the cone incident from last summer.  I'm sure Lyle and Jania haven't forgotten it either. And yes, it really was that close...

I'll update as we go along next week.  Thanks for the all the prayers and comments over the last few months.  We appreciate it. 

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Shelley said...

I'm so glad that your time is near for the transfer, which brings you ever so close to the big Beta. Enjoy your mini vaca. You know I'm thinking about you all the time. I pray everything goes smooth for you all. I'm here if you need anything!