Monday, July 26, 2010

Trip Update

Sorry that I didn't update this while we were gone. I had big plans to, but I was just too tired to think about typing on my phone.

We left last Saturday and headed to Pigeon Forge. We had a great couple of days in the PF/Gatlinburg area. For those who have been to Branson…PF is about the same. They have a lot of the same shows, same attractions and even the same Professor Hackers mini golf. When the doctor was doing the transfer he asked about Pigeon Forge and I told him it was the same as Branson. He said "well I bet you don't have the Titanic". Yes, yes we do. Actually Branson has had it for years. I guess it was new attraction in PF for 2010. Kind of makes you wonder how authentic the stuff is in the museum if there is another on in Tennessee. Just something to ponder.

We also did some "hiking" in the Smoky's to see a waterfall. I'll post a separate story on that adventure at a later time.

On Tuesday we headed to Knoxville and Jay and I separated for a few hours. He stayed in the room and I went to the pool. As much as we love each other, we had spent a lot of one on one time together. As I walked out the door I told him not to contact me unless it was an emergency. He told me to do the same. A couple of hours later we joined back up and everything was fine. This trip was the most one on one time we've had together since before Cade was born, but we really did fine. Normally driving is what causes us to have fights and I felt like I remained pretty calm throughout the whole 28+ hour trip. We just have different definitions of what brake lights mean and what a safe following distance is.

Wednesday was the day of the big transfer. I'll also post about that separately. But I will say that the NEDC staff is wonderful, absolutely wonderful. I would rather not have to see them again in September, but they were great. Three embryos were transferred one was a good quality, one wasn't good and one was just thawing so we don't know it's full potential but it was looking good. Now we are just waiting until Friday to find out the results. It is going to be a long week.

Of course I'm analyzing every twinge, cramp, craving, etc that I'm experiencing so I'll probably drive myself crazy long before Friday. I keep reminding myself of two things on an almost hourly basis. 1. At this point most women don't even have a clue they are pregnant and 2. I'm on progesterone and estrace so either one of those are more than likely the cause of any symptoms I may feel. Most pregnancy symptoms don't start until 4-6 weeks.

After resting almost a full 24 hours after the transfer we headed home and broke the drive into two days. We did stop in Nashville for a couple of hours Thursday. We ate spaghetti and then walked a couple of blocks to the Ryman. I wish I had felt better because there were several things I would've like to have done in Nashville. We'll just have to plan a non-fertility related trip in the future.

We got home Friday and headed directly the Jay's parents to pick up Cade. We missed him a whole lot while we were gone. Judging by the way he sat in my lap yesterday, I think he missed us too. There is just nothing like coming home after a trip.

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