Friday, July 2, 2010

The Re-Check Update

Yesterday was my re-check appointment. Thankfully everything turned out fine. I'm proceeding with the Estrace and will go back on the 15th for another ultrasound.

Sometimes I try to find a reason why things happen, even though it's totally pointless, it's the way I'm wired. So Tuesday when I came to work I had an e-mail from our agency out of KC. Mary wanted to know if she could show our profile. We are kind of in this weird area now of what to do, but I went ahead and told her to. Since she had actually e-mailed me Monday and the timing was somewhat confused I don't know if we were even considered. Of course though when I found out about this new appointment I thought "wouldn't it be great if Mary called and this couple wanted to meet us and we could say Yes, lets do it Thursday". After all these years you'd think I would stop with that nonsense, but I still do it. In reality though this is actually how our day turned out…

Jay woke up early Thursday morning with a shooting pain going down his neck into his arm. By the time we left the house his ear was somewhere around his shoulder. He called his chiropractor a couple of times with just a step below begging in his voice. They couldn't get him in. I told him he could stay home and I would be fine. He wouldn't do it because he knew our luck would be that the lining would've tripled in size and I'd be a bawling mess stuck in Olathe by myself. So we headed out with me driving and him sleeping. We made it to the appointment and everything went pretty well. Except for one near miss in the parking lot between our G6 and a grumpy man in an SUV. I gave him the "I'm Sorry" wave but he didn't see to care. Anyway, in the ultrasound she had some trouble finding my ovaries so there were some jokes about how maybe that has been our problem all along. Finally they were located and the ultrasound tech told me she thought everything looked good. I thought it did to, but you know how you just need to know that for sure. I needed the NEDC to call me back…quickly.

After the appointment, since we are such creatures of habit, we ate at the same Cracker Barrel we ate at Sunday night. Jay was going to drive home, but I had to get us out of the traffic..since he couldn't turn his neck. We had to turn left to get back on to the highway and it was a double lane turning lane. I looked in my rearview mirror and I saw two cops on motorcycles behind me. I got one of those feelings where I knew this was not going to turn out well. When the light turned green I made my left turn but had a Lupron moment and forgot what lane I was in. I crossed over to the other lane, cutting off a car, and promptly got pulled over by a fine city of Olathe employee. Fifteen minutes and $121 dollars later we were back on the road. That was the last straw…I had a melt down once we got back on the road. Jay was laughing and patting me on the shoulder telling me we'd just sell more ice. I was crying just saying this whole thing (meaning the adoption) needed to turn out good for us..and on and on. I hate this medicine.

We made it the rest of the way home without an incident. The NEDC called and assured me everything was fine and adjusted my medicine. Jay begged the chiropractor again today and they got him in. I think he feels like a new man. But I haven't yet figured out the reason for yesterday….It wasn't like we had quality time together. He slept on the way and I was a wreck on the way home. We now not only owe for a second ultrasound, but a $121 ticket. The only thing I can figure out is that it taught me that I'm not a good driver on this Lupron, or maybe it's not the Lupron. It's probably because I've got too much on my mind. Anyway, just to be safe you might not want to ride with me until after the transfer. I had worried about Cade riding around this summer with the girls that are watching him. Not that I had any reason to worry, I was just being a mom. It turns out he's probably much safer with them then with his own mother.

If anyone needs us this weekend, we will be at The Icebox in Granby, Mo for their Old Mining Town Days…hoping to make $121 more than we had planned.

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