Monday, November 10, 2008

Wii tried out the Wii

This weekend Cade stayed with my mom. He got to go see Madagascar Friday night and then spend some time with Pampa George, Papa Kerry and Avery on Saturday and Sunday. He had a big time.

While he was gone Jay and I took advantage of that and did some Christmas shopping. We got our shopping for him finished up this weekend. Before any of you get really jealous of me because we're done remember he's getting a Wii, we didn't have to do too much for him. We already had the Wii but we still needed all the accessories. We decided to get 3 remotes and 3 wheels so we can all play at the same time. You know we wouldn't be responsible parents if we didn't try it out before Christmas. How sad would it be for Cade if something didn't work on Christmas morning? It was our duty to make sure everything was in working order on the Wii.

We are happy to say that after several games of Mario Kart and Lego Batman the Wii is in working order. Jay may tell you there were some problems on Mario Kart, but that was more operator error. We loved it. Or at least I loved it all the time, Jay seemed to only love it when he was winning. Yesterday morning I played it until I had to get ready for church. Then I got ready quickly so I could play it before we left. As soon as I got home I started playing again. I did stop for a quick nap, but then went right back. We played until mom called to let us know she was on her way with Cade. Sadly we had to box it up. We probably won't see it again until Christmas....unless....Does anyone want Cade for another weekend? I looked up online how to get past this one part on the Lego Batman game. I'm really wanting to try it out. We've got to practice some more, we can't let Cade beat us right from the start.


Anonymous said...

How sad that Cade will get a "used" gift. Which is worst a used gift or one that doesn't work. Of course you did the responsible thing. Oh by the way I enjoyed having Cade this weekend.

Anonymous said...

He is going to be so excited! Did you get the Wii Fit? You have to have the Wii Fit!


Kristy said...

We love our Wii. Corey got Madden 2008 for his birthday and he also loves his Tiger Woods game. I am dying to get Wii Fit and that music one where you can play 60 different instruments.