Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pajamma Party

Cade's class won a blackout so they are having a pajamma party today. I'm still not sure what a blackout means. Cade's description of it still doesn't quite satisfy my curiosity, but I've learned to accept it. Too many questions = cranky kid. So today Cade is wearing pajamma's to school, he gets out at 1:00, he gets to be a car rider (his all time favorite thing) and he's spending the night with MeMo and Papa Jim. Does it get any better in a 6 year olds world?...actually wearing my jammies and leaving work at 1:00 sounds pretty good in my 31 year old world.


Anonymous said...

That sounds pretty good in my 54 year old world too. It would sound better if I didn't even have to go to work.

Kristy said...

Ha ha. That's hilarious. But what's black out?

Crystal said...

I think the blackout has something to do with classroom behavior, but I'm not sure. All Cade says is that it's a blackout. So I ask what's a blackout and then he gets irritated with me for asking too many questions.