Thursday, September 25, 2008

Meet Sadie

The newest member of our family.

Jay got her at a ballgame Monday night. We've been talking about Charlie needing a friend and when Jay saw her he couldn't resist. She's also marked very similar to Charlie so they'll make a cute pair. She is about 7-8 weeks old and she is very very tiny. She is so tiny she makes Charlie look like Godzilla. So far Sadie and Charlie haven't spent much time together, she's still to small to leave her alone with him, but they seem to be getting along fine. Charlie's just been doing a lot of sniffing but no biting or growling which is good. I think last night Jay really realized how tiny she was, about the size of a kitten, and so now we're wondering how big she'll get. I asked Jay if we had gotten one of those dogs who are so tiny and cold all the time that they need a sweater in the winter? I can imagine Jay's routine in the morning - get Cade ready, feed the dog, dress the dog, etc... I've never been a dog person but Miss Sadie is hard to resist. I could almost make her a lap dog. My heart wants to, but my head says "you'll hate having a dog in the house within 24 hours". Best to leave Sadie in the garage.


Anonymous said...

She is so cute. Cade looks so happy holding her. I'm glad that I'll be at your house early on Saturday that way Cade and I can play with Miss Sadie. Couldn't Sadie be like P J and Taffey, inside when you are and in the garage when you're not home?

Kristy said...

SOOO CUTE! You know we're fans!