Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Saturday & Tuesday Night Lights

In the world of Flag Football in our little town the big nights of the week are Saturday and Tuesdays. Actually these are probably bigger nights to the coaches than to the kids, at least our kids. As far as Cade's concerned it's just another night he gets to see Neilson. For us (the parents) it's another night that's becoming more and more embarrassing because our team is so terrible. You all know Jay and I aren't the type who cares more about sports than we do the feelings of our child, we would never yell and scream at him because he didn't do something right on the field (yes, I have witnessed a father screaming at his 6-7 year old because he didn't like the way he threw the ball). BUT, our team stinks and it's not the kids fault. Our coach has not worked with the kids like he should've been so every game we are getting skunked. We have not even scored one touchdown. What's embarrassing is that we are in a league of 5 other teams all from Mt Vernon. In Mt Vernon's eyes Miller is the "bad" town. The Mt Vernon paper always picks up on the bad stories from the town/school and they make the front page. Our good stories are always buried at the back of the paper. I know that's typical of newspapers everywhere but it is so irritating. So then when our team plays bad everyone thinks "well that's typical of someone from Miller". I get angry because we as parents and the coach are feeding into that way of thinking. Then the town will wonder why these boys High School team isn't any better. Maybe if we'd start at age 6 instilling a little school/town spirit into them and help them to change their way of thinking things would be better when they're older? Ok, I'll get off my soapbox now. I don't care if we win I just want the boys to be able to give it a decent effort. At least their still too young to realize.

Here are some pictures from Saturday night. The sun was shining right in my eyes so I couldn't tell what I was taking pictures of so they aren't the best.

Here is some of the other team practicing before the game. Their coach was calling out plays and all sorts of things.

Our coach was late...here's our kids playing with tires before the game

Cade is the snapper and Neilson is the quarterback. Neilson isn't much better than Cade. One time Saturday night Neilson tossed the ball to Cade like it was the Hot Potato Game. It was funny.

Here's another one of the two of them.

We have another game tonight (insert big sigh). I hope we can at least score 1 touchdown before the end of the season.

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Kristy said...

I haven't commented in a while...loved the dress store story! I can't wait til' our boys play "flag ball." Too cute. How'd the game go on Tuesday night? And how about a close up of Cade in that helmet?...what size is it...those Shepherd boys!