Friday, September 19, 2008


I thought about combining a 4-H post with the Flag Ball post but decided 4-H needed it's own post. I was teasing Jay that our first 4-H meeting was the day that Jay had waitied for since we found out in July 2001 that we were having a baby.

When we were first dating and first married we had talked about having kids, Jay was always positive that he wanted them and I was never quite as sure. I knew that we'd have them, I just wasn't as sure as Jay. Finally after those rough months of infancy and toddlerhood I asked Jay exactly what he imagined having kids would be like in our earlier discussions. Part of my hesitation was because of the sleepless nights and the constant watching and the fear of something happening to them and all of those other things that scare you to death as a parent. I also though could imagine me pushing my cart through Wal-Mart with the cute little baby drooling all over the handle and having a cute little baby toddling around at the mall and thought that would be fun. Jay's imagination went straight to the baby being about 7 and standing in a show ring. He really never imagined what the baby/toddler stage of being a parent was like. Since Cade wasn't born with a show stick it's taken awhile for Jay's imagination to catch up with real life. We finally reached that point Tuesday. Cade is now officially a Clover Kid and will be showing a pen of broilers at our County Fair next summer. Showing the bovine variety will happen when he's a tad bit older (and to not cause me as much stress hopefully a whole lot bigger).

On the way home from the meeting we asked Cade what he thought of his first meeting. He said "it was just awful". Out of the three of us in the car Jay definitely was the most excited about the first 4-H meeting.


Anonymous said...

Can he do dog what's it called? He has such a cute little dog, that I think him and Charlie should be a team. Is that a Clover Kid or a 4-H event?

Anonymous said...

Okay, when you say broilers, do you mean chickens? Yes, Jay can laugh at me for asking if he wants to. . .