Friday, April 24, 2015

Major Changes

I come from a long line of people who don't make radical changes. I grew up with parents who drove the same vehicles forever, lived in the same house, worked the same jobs, etc. I've somewhat modeled that in my own life and have probably became somewhat terrified and resistant to change. Most of the time if I have to change it's because
It's been forced on how I work in Springfield now. Once I get in to the change I can see how it's better for me, but boy does it freak me out at first. 

Jay on the other hand is a little more open to change.  Starting July 1st Jay will be the new Ag Teacher for Mount Vernon. After 14 years in Miller he's decided a change would be good. I don't disagree but change is change and the unknown can be scary. It wasn't an easy decision because of the Whittaker's and changing schools with Cade. I always look at our coming to Miller as one of those things that at the time you don't understand but looking back you know that God's hand was in it along.

When we decided it was time to move closer to home Jay interviewed at three other schools besides Miller.  He didn't get offered a job at any of those places.  I was so disappointed because I had just started at FCS and I wanted to be closer to Springfield.  I was tired of driving from Lebanon.  He interviewed at Logan-Rogersville, Willard and Clever.  All three of those would have been perfect for where the FCS office was located at the time.  When he was offered the job in Miller I was not happy.  Lyle called for Jay one night and he wasn't home.  Lyle ended up talking to me about how great of a place Miller was and how he wanted to stay here for the rest of his life.  I thought we'd be there a couple of years.  Well God knew Miller was where we needed to be.  All within a weeks time Jay started at Miller, we closed on a house, I found out I was more than likely going to loose my job AND we found out I was pregnant with Cade.  As you all know I didn't loose my job.  I transferred to Carthage.  Out of all of the schools where Jay interviewed Miller was the only one where I could have done that.  I was exactly the same distance from the Springfield office as I was the Carthage office.  We were also closer to both of our families.  That meant when Cade was little my grandparents would drive over and keep him for the day when we needed a sitter.  It's also allowed Jim and Sharon to pick up the kids when necessary. 

God also put Jay with a great teaching partner.  Lyle and Jania have been so good to us over the years.  Jay and Lyle made a great team and had some really great success.  Miller was the first school in the state to have a state certified meats lab.  They've had so many contest success I can't even remember them all.  Thanks to both of them the Miller FFA's name is widely known across the state.  But change is necessary at times and so he's stepping out in to something new.  I think Jay needed something different to re-energize him to get him through the 2nd half of his career.  I know he's excited for it.

I'm still nervous but like a quote from a great book I love I'm never sure if it's a premonition or just anxiety :) We went to prom this weekend and I will miss things like that with the Whittaker's and the West's. I will also admit I got a little teary thinking about how the first time I was in that gym it was for Jay's first FFA banquet there...and Cade was just a baby. It was my last day of maternity leave. But then there are also some things I won't miss. And quite frankly some people I won't miss. I don't think we are on their Christmas card list either. 

So I'm going to trust that this is the move for us. We've prayed and prayed about it and felt like this is the right decision. And I know that it is. Just because change is good it doesn't mean that it's not sad at the same time. 

Watch out Area 11. The competition just got a little stronger!

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