Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend

We had a fun Easter weekend. Easter had always been one of my favorite holidays. The days leading up to Christmas are so magical but Christmas Day is just the tiniest bit sad because it's over. The next thing you have to look forward to is January and February, tax time and contest season. Easter though is the start of spring and warmer weather and sandals and flip-flops AND it means State Convention is just around the corner.  Yes, I love Easter!

Saturday we headed to Sheldon for the day.  My mom has sold my grandparents house so we are in the process of sorting through stuff.   It's been long enough since my grandparents passed away that it doesn't seem to be traumatic.  It's for the best for mom to get the house sold.  What it's mostly taught me is that no one needs to keep every tax return they've ever sent to the IRS.  I think there will be a burning party at our own house shortly.

Even though we worked on the house we still had a little time for an egg hunt and decorating the traditional Easter cake.  It was good to see my mom and Steve.  My dad also made it down to see us for a bit so that was good to.  And even though Charity NEVER buys her kids candy, I think they had a fun day to.  It's fun to get some pokes in at my sisters expense from time to time :)

we left Camryn alone...with the cake and jelly beans...she dumped the whole bag on the cake

Sunday we had our traditional breakfast at church.  This year Cade went early with Jay and helped cook.  I think Cade fried the bacon and the pancakes.  He did a pretty good job.  I may be able to turn some cooking duties over to him shortly. With the boys being gone that meant it was me and Camryn on our own getting ready.  It was never more clear to me than yesterday morning that this girl is not a morning person.  At all.  She was so, so, so cranky...until she got some bacon.  In her world bacon fixes pretty much everything. 
This was her giving me the cold shoulder

One problem we had, which you can tell by most of the pictures, is she refused to wear her shoes.  I didn't care.  She's had some blisters on her heels and sides of her feet.  I'm learning that when you have a girl these season transition periods can be a little tricky in the shoe department.  Boots look silly but yet I don't want to invest a lot of time/money in shoes right now because they might not get her through all summer.  She's also in a weird foot size phase.  I need to take her with me to try them on or else I'd have to buy 3 different sizes of shoes to find the right one. But before you call child services the blisters aren't from me squeezing her feet it too small of shoes.  Her Keds got wet last weekend (being in the pig pen will do that) and then they rubbed her heels.  That made us switch to flip flops and those rubbed on the sides.  When I tried to slip her silver Cinderella flats on her feet Sunday she screamed bloody murder.  I said forget it.  So she went shoeless.  Life will go on...and now that I've said that she will come down with pneumonia this week. 

After church we went to Jim and Sharon's and looked at our Easter baskets.  This year I was not on my game with these baskets.  In fact Sunday morning I couldn't find a couple of shirts for Camryn's basket.  Actually I bought these shirts, and she even knew it, when we went to Branson.  Once we got home I decided to throw them in her basket.  Then I couldn't find them when I needed them.  Finally I found them.  It's a good thing because the only other thing I had for her basket was a new cup.  That would've looked a little pathetic....even by a 3 year olds standards.  Cade got shotgun shells and a turkey call.  We finally had to tell him to remove the call.  Talk about annoying!  Even though I was a bit of slacker this year the kids didn't seem to be traumatized by it.  In fact they looked extremely sweet and loving during basket time.  If I didn't already know it these pictures would make it very babies are certainly growing up!  

And then just because I'm married to a patient man....

I told mom we would take Mama's concrete deer.  It was a weak moment.  I asked Jay to get them Satruday.  He said "do you realize they are solid concrete?"  Once he got them loaded he came in to see about something to eat.  He said he worked up an appetite loading solid concrete deer.  We got home late enough Saturday night that he didn't get the truck unloaded.  It was the talk of the early morning breakfast yesterday.  One guy told Jay "you even got the baby deer."  The baby isn't visible without really peeking in the back of the truck.  Then the deer got hauled over the Jim and Sharon's yesterday.  Along with this hay hauler that's seen better days.  I'm sure we looked like a sight yesterday.  I'm curious to see 1.  if Jay got them unloaded today and 2.  where he may have put the deer little family... 

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Charity said...

I'm disappointed I'm just NOW reading this! Blair was the one who told me you had a new post. For the record I DO buy my kids candy, but not at holidays!!