Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Teenagers, Preschoolers and Puking Pigs...Oh My!!!

This week is district contest.  I really thought this year wouldn’t be as bad as the past years.  By looking at the calendar it seemed to be a shorter season.  And I was wrong.  Every year I tell myself it’s going to be ok.  Then about our birthday weeks I hit the wall.  I am so ready for Jay to be home tomorrow morning.  Trying to get them both around and out the door is a challenge.  I’m trying to decide what is more tiring – a small child you have to physically wrangle or a teenager who’s like a mental minefield.  Both leave me feeling like I’ve ran a marathon by the time I’m backing out of the driveway.  Then I drive 10 minutes to Stacy’s house.  Then another 10 to Miller.  Then another 25 to work.  Yeah, I’ve been late several days the last few weeks.  Anyway – after today we will be over the hump.  Thank goodness!!!

Jay didn’t get home until 6:30-7:00 last night.  As soon as he walked in the door he told me he needed to go back to the school because he forgot something.  We worked it out so that he would take Camryn with him so I could go for a walk.  Camryn is a good shopper, but she’s not a good walking partner.  About 3-4 minutes into the walk she’s done.  Jay left with her and Cade went out to start chores.  I finished cleaning up the kitchen and then headed out for my walk.  I wasn’t even out of the driveway when Cade came running up screaming “Dad, Dad” in his panic voice.  I told him Dad was gone.  He said “one of the pigs is throwing up come look come look.”  I told him I wasn’t going to be any help but I went anyway. 

We got out to the pig house and I could tell one was eating happily and two looked suspicious.  I figured one had thrown up and the other had ate it.  Sure enough the pig started throwing up again and his buddy cleaned up behind him.  They were on some different feed because the feed store was out yesterday.  They went from pellets to ground corn.  The corn looks pretty dry and choking to me.  I wondered if something with the new texture had bothered him.  I told Cade to give him some water and see what happened.  Then I finally did a head count and noticed there were only 3.  I asked Cade where the other three were at.  He said they were still in the farrowing barn.  They moved these  three to the hog house because they are for sale.  He said “My Dad said they looked bigger in here so we are keeping them here.”  I could hear that whole conversation between the two of them exactly in my head.   I decided it was time to leave Cade with his vomiting pig so I could go on my walk.

As soon as I left the house I called Jay to tell him about the pig.  He asked me what the vomit looked like.  I said “well it looks like corn and water.”  He decided it as probably the feed.  He was going to look at it when he got home.  When I got back from my walk I checked on them and they seemed to be doing fine.

Later that night, after the kids were in bed and I had a moment to think, I realized I had inspected a pigs vomit.  Then I described it to Jay over the phone.  Again….when did I loose control of my life???  Jay said it was just turning me more and more into a farm wife.  And think about all the legitimacy it was giving me with our customers.  Yeah, I’m probably not going to talk about puking pigs with my customers.  And I’m also thinking there is a difference between a farm wife and a showing wife.  I can’t quite put my finger on the difference except for the crazy, maniacal look that the show dad gets in eyes this time of year….     

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