Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How Did This Happen????

Cade is 13.  I started this blog the summer after he turned 5!!!  Here is a little throwback to the first birthday party I blogged about.  Cade's 6th Birthday Party

But look at these baby faces from that night.....

Such sweet babies.  Looking at those pictures you can tell we've lost a few faces but we've also gained a few to.  Life keeps going on....
Cade didn't want a big to do for his 13th party.  So that meant no theme, no decorations, nothing.  So I went along with it but then he said I could add a duck to the cake.  And like normal Janella did a great job with it.  But I didn't even buy matching paper products.  We used our regular Fiesta dishes....but hey anytime you use Fiesta dishes it's already like a party!!!
I make a big deal out of my kids parties because 1.  I like a party and 2.  I'm just so thanful for each birthday we celebrate with them.  There was some rough stuff going on around us the first part of March.  Not us personally but people that we know going through their own tragedies and anniversarys of other things.  It definitely reminded me to thank God all over again for these years He's given us with these kids.  And also all of the family members we get to celebrate these days with.  I hope my kids remember me trying to make their day's special (and not the lunatic I am most of the time, but that's another post).  I'm so thankful for these people.  And look at that sassy look Camryn has.  Who was turning 13????
Memo and Papa Jim
Papa Kerry.  Lynn was on call. 
Nana....all the way from Fayetteville!
Grandma Robyn.  Steve was at home painting while mom was here on Spring Break.
Charity and her family.  Uncle Justin was in the field.  It's that time of year!

Looking at these pictures I'm not sure Camryn is as over her shyness as I thought.  She was pretty attached to her sippy cup that night.  She also woke up with the stomach flu at 3 am the next morning.  So it's anyones guess what was maybe going on with her in all of these pictures.

I'm really not sure who enjoyed the presents more.  They both had a good time that night.
One of the things Cade wanted was a Memory Foam pillow.  I'm not sure that's on a lot of 13 year olds lists, but that was what Cade wanted. So that was what he got.  And all of the littles fought over it.  Lawson is also on it.  He's smooshed between Avery and Camryn.  You can barely see the corner of his head by Avery's.  Camryn is about to knee him in the face.  Of course all of the adults were just sitting around watching it. 
And this is probably my dad's first selfie and it might be my first one I've ever made public of myself???
It was a great night!
Happy Birthday Cade!!!




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