Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Rapunzel, Rapunzel....

This past weekend Camryn and I went to a tea with Rapunzel.  There is a kids boutique in Springfield that has started having Princess teas.  It was so much fun!!!!  They had been having Elsa teas for quite awhile but I had never purchased a ticket.  Then over a month ago they advertised a Rapunzel tea.  I think I had to have been one of the first people to have bought a ticket.  Camryn's favorite is Rapunzel because she likes purple.  Camryn also has a Rapunzel dress so it seemed like a good way to get another wear out of last years Halloween costume. 

For $10 you get....
A picture with Rapunzel that they print out for you in the store
Lemonade and cookies
A story read by Rapunzel
A sing along with Rapunzel
A picture to color that Rapunzel will also autograph
and best of all the whole thing lasts about 30-45 minutes which is the perfect amount of time for these size kids.

The main thing to remember is that if you think you want to go to one of these teas you had better sign up because they sell out really fast.  Why not??  You can't beat all of that for $10! 

This is a really bad replica of the picture we got that day, but here is Rapunzel.  Rapunzel also had some tattoos on her wrist and ankle that she had covered with make-up.  Let that be a lesson to you kids.  Visible tattoos aren't a good choice not matter what your profession!!

I had a hard time getting pictures of her.  She is very anti-camera now.  If she sees me trying to get a picture she will move her head which means most of them are blurry.

Rapunzel sat with each table and talked to them for awhile.  I tried to stay in the background as much as possible so Camryn would associate with the other girls by herself.  Rapunzel asked Camryn her name and she must have answered because Rapunzel said a name back which was wrong and Camryn said "No, Camryn!" I was impressed Camryn responded.  Small steps, small steps.

Seeing all the purple decorations and all the cute little girls was so much fun.  The girl on the left side of this picture, wearing the Elsa blue dress, was so funny.  During the tea time they had random Disney songs playing.  That little girl belted out Let It Go when it came on.  She was also very dolled up.  She even had on the plastic Princess jewelry sets which included those uncomfotable clip-on plastic earrings.  She looked to funny wearing those giant things.  I heard her mom say she turned 3 that weekend. 

This was when Rapunzel sang to them.  Camryn loves music and is so attentive whenever she hears it.  Her gaze was so intense the entire time Rapunzel was singing. 

And then there is this picture.  Each table had a cup full of crayons that I did have to rescue from Camryn a few times.  Sharing is not in her vocabulary yet.  If she was my first kid I would be horrified.  Since she's my 2nd I'm not too concerend.  We will get there with sharing and pleases and thank you's.  They learn eventually.  Again, small steps, small steps.   But there were only two purple and 1 yellow crayons in our glass.  Pictures of Rapunzel pretty much only need purple and yellow.  Camryn wasn't too interested in sharing those crayons.  The other girls didn't even mind.  They looked to be a little younger than Camryn so they just scribbled with whatever color they could grab.  Camryn even went as far as to get up and stand with the three crayons so no one else could use them.  I showed Jay her Rapunzel picture when we got home and I was pretty impressed.  She didn't stay in the lines but she had yellow where the hair should be, purple where the dress was at and then green on her eyes.  I told Jay the other kids just had random scribbles - none were as close to right as Camryn's picture. Of course later I realized that they probably didn't look as good as Camryn's because the correct colors were being held hostage. 

All in all it was a great day.  I've needed to socialize Camryn a little more so I think these may be the perfect opportunities to start slowly working that in.  We are already signed up for a Cinderella one the last Saturday in March. 

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