Friday, March 21, 2014

Bump Update

After reading so many blogs about adoption and infertility I’ve seen a lot of post with bump update as the title.  Ninety-nine point nine of them refer to a pregnancy bump and then the update is followed by cute little  pictures of people who have gained 5 lbs over 40 weeks.  Of course for me a bump update quite literally means an update on the weird bump I had show up a few weeks ago.  And there will be no cute pictures to follow.  Because 1) they would not be cute and 2) you would have to poke your eyes out afterwards. 

I went for my ultrasound yesterday.  I had been warned that this particular tech might be a little grumpy and quiet.  And he definitely would not tell me anything – which didn’t surprise me.  I wouldn’t have asked anyway.  But this guy and I bonded over infertility and I think we were close to being besties by the time I left.  He was very nice to me AND he did give me some slight indicators as to what he thought it was. 

It all started when he asked if I’d ever had an ultrasound before.  Instead of just saying yes I said “oh, I’ve been through infertility so I’ve had lots of ultrasounds.”  That seemed to open him up and he told me that this would be no big deal – which was exactly what I had figured it would be.  He asked where we had gone for treatment and I gave him the way condensed 2-3 sentence answer.  He told me he and his wife had gone to KC for treatment.  They decided not to pursue it and now she is 28 weeks pregnant with a boy.  Of course I showed the proper excitement for them and told him how happy I was to hear that.  After a while he said he was going to check my other side to make sure he wasn’t seeing anything  there.  I asked him if he was in fact seeing something.  He said that he did find something and that I was definitely not making this up.  He said “something looks herniated and it is going into your abdominal cavity.”  I had really not been nervous about any of this until he said that.  Then I thought what if this isn’t a hernia?  What if I have something going into my abdomen?  So all of a sudden the prospect of hernia surgery sounded much better than it had earlier.  A few minutes later he asked if the doctor had told me to come with a full bladder, which they had and I had somewhat ignored it.  He told me he was sorry if I had been uncomfortable because I really didn’t need the full bladder- that is only for ovary ultrasounds.  I told him that I had wondered if we’d be ultrasounding the right part when I read that in my instructions.  We both laughed.  It was a little bit of infertility humor – you probably had to have been there. 
Also before I left he told me that he didn't see anything life threatening and that if he had they wouldn't have let me leave.  But then he proceeded to tell me that if I feel extreme pain I need to get to the ER immediately. not only was I worried about what was in my abdomen but now I have to worry about the pain I'm feeling and what exactly severe means.  I'm going to go with the theory I will just know it if I have it?  So far I'd consider it more of an irritating pain that makes you feel exhausted by the end of the day - but not something that is doubling me over and keeping me from functioning.  There is never a dull moment in our house.  So far March has been extremely calm for us but leave it to me to get a hernia! 
My doctor called me today with the results -  a “possible” hernia.  I am going next week to have another test made and then will be referred to a surgeon.  I’m still not 100% on what it is, I also don’t know if surgery will be required.  But I’m figuring between Camryn’s $250 strep test in December, Cade’s weird infection and now this I should have Cox paid off about the time we payoff our 20 year mortgage.  But as long as none of this ends of being a big deal I will make my monthly payments with a smile…or at least a half smile

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