Monday, April 7, 2014

I guess I have crazy food issues...

Here is the latest update in my surgeon thinks it is a hernia. I am having surgery Thursday to repair it. 

I've honestly not thought a lot about the surgery. I've known for about 2 weeks and life has continued on like normal. Except for those few thoughts that all mothers would making sure the house is clean, laundry is caught up and there are some meals in the freezer. I think that is pretty normal. I've also been working to get things caught up at work the best I can. Totally normal behavior for someone, at least in my opinion. 

Then I went grocery shopping a total of 3 times last week. Two small stops during the week and 1 big stop Saturday....I should've known I was being  too calm. I have a friend who always talks about how the stress will come out somewhere, even when we don't think we are feeling it. As I was putting away the groceries and organizing the pantry my fog lifted and I realized what I had done...
12 cans of black olives
14 cans of corn
7 boxes of chicken broth 
3 bunches of bananas

I wondered if that was maybe the surgery stress coming out a little. A little later Jay saw the pantry and asked me if that was a mental thing because of the surgery. We've been together 15.5 years. I guess he is finally figuring me out. 

So if anyone needs black olives or frozen bananas for smoothies I've got plenty!

If my dear friend who is so in to end times prophecy saw this she would think I was preparing for It like she is. But I'm not sure how far 10 cans of black olives would get us....

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