Monday, April 21, 2014

Catch Up

My blogging this year has definitely been sporadic. I've got so many stories swirling around in my head but not a lot of time or energy to write when undo have the time. But things have been rolling right along here....

State Convention is this week. Yay!!!  The end is in site. But as far as contest seasons go this one hasn't been too bad. Or maybe since Jay is in year 15 I'm finally getting used to it???

I'm calling Camryn potty trained. She still has the occasional accident, which is to be expected, but she has done very well. We started on it in February and it didn't take very long. She caught on quickly. When it comes to potty training I've learned I also need trained. Taking them out in public the first couple of times is a little nerve wracking. But we both survived. I've never been big on antibacterial gel but that was before I had a girl using a public restroom- which is way worse than a boy. After our first public outing I hit Bath and Bodyworks. 

Cade is plugging along and about to finish 6th grade. Actually the last day of school is one month from today. How is it possible I'm almost the mother of a 7th grader? When your kids are little and your in the middle of tough toddler parenting the days seem to go so slow...but the years fly by so fast. 

I had my surgery April 10th. I've been off work since then. I have an appointment tomorrow morning with the surgeon and then I will head back to work. I've enjoyed my time off but I think I'm ready to go back.  As much as a toddler and a tween can make me wish for quiet it was actually strange when I had silence. By last Tuesday I was tired of sitting in a quiet house during the day.  But I am thankful that I had that time to heal. I'm doing pretty good. I had heard that my stomach muscles would be really sore so I didn't know what to expect. That actually wasn't that bad. I had a little trouble the first couple of days getting up but that was it. For me the incision has been the sore part. I lived in pajama pants for a week. I'm still only wearing my looser pants because it is still tender. I'm definitely recovering but I don't think I will be doing anything to rough for a few more weeks. 

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