Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The terrible almost 2.5 year old

After a summer of wanting to drive by my house almost every night, Camryn seemed to calm down. I didn't dread going home nearly as much this fall as I did all summer. I really did not want to go home most evenings. You can think I'm terrible if you want - but I'm just keeping it real. Camryn drove me nuts for 3-4 very long months. Then September hit and it was like I got my sweet girl back. She was fun, I enjoyed being around her and taking her places again. Then this weekend hit and we seem to be headed into another rocky parenting stretch. Being a parent is nothing but a big cycle of different things. You get past one hump only to have something else take its place. 

 Saturday, after an all night lock-in where Jay and I split up our time so neither would be completely miserable, I left the house to get my hair done. I felt a little bad about it, but not a lot....but at least enough to text Jay while I was processing to ask if they were doing ok. It took awhile for him to respond. This is what I got back....Yes, after I changed the poopy diaper, cleaned up the water in the kitchen chair (which had been poured from one mixing cup to another), then stopped her from bathing Mickey in the upside down princess bed. Oh...I was sorry I asked. 

 So this weekend the wrath of her daddy was turned on. She has turned into a snotty pants who is getting in to things that she knows better than to do. The wooden spoon had to make its appearance. With Cade it really didn't take long to get him out of this snotty stage, but I think Camryn is going to take longer. Last night I told her if she didn't come here right now I would spank her. She obliged but as she was laying down so I could change her she said "this is fun." I asked what was fun and she said "spankings, I like spankings." Ok - she is going to be a bit more difficult to discipline than her brother. 

 Then on top of the snotty/dirty look phase she is back into her ornery destructive pattern. Last night she opened the truck door, while the truck was moving. She also unscrewed a light bulb from a Christmas strand of lights and stuck her finger in it...while the lights were plugged in. And she got some song lyrics mixed up and was singing about a monkey being drunk and sliding down an elephants trunk. 

 No wonder I just got my hair colored Saturday and I already saw a gray strand peeking out of it today. This girl is going to gray me quickly....but oh her sweet little hugs are so worth it all. This is the look that Jay refers to as being on the prowl for something to destroy.

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