Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Last football game...finally

We had our last football game this weekend. And in our true fashion of course it had to go out with a bang. If you know me at all you know that two things that I like least of all are football and traveling in a group. This weekend I endured two days of both of those. Fun times, fun times...

The boys actually did very well. I'm sure the other parents would tell you they weren't surprised. Jay and I are honest enough to tell you we about fell over when we won our two games Saturday. We played for first place Sunday afternoon. The boys didn't win that game, but we were still proud of them. For the briefest of brief moments I allowed myself to be the tiniest bit sad about watching Cade play football for the last time. When we got in the van to head home Cafe said "well I might play again next year."  There may have been some tears shed. 

On the group traveling. I do not like it. I'm somewhat of a lone wolf. I prefer to travel in a small circle. Sixty of us crowding around a buffet stresses me out. I mean it seriously stresses me. I can not handle the chaos. Jay told me I wouldn't make it as a teacher.  I'm well aware of that. That's why I work in a building full of other adults. Lunch there does not cause
Panic attacks. At least we had our own room. If I had to share with another boy I would've had a meltdown. I tried explaining it this way to Jay. There are
some things I prefer to keep private-
Like how I look first thing in the morning. I will share every part of our fertility story without batting an eye, but I do not want Cade's friends parents to see me without my makeup. 

I did have a good time going to Wal Mart with one of the other moms and her 4 yr old and new baby. I find their 4 year old to be extremely interesting to watch. He makes me laugh because he is all boy. I didn't mind helping, but I was so glad
we didn't have Camryn. Thanks to Jim and Sharon for watching her. We all (Camryn included) enjoyed our weekend with her being back home. 

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