Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

We had a little cheerleader last night. We bought this outfit  for Avery for her 2nd or 3rd birthday. I know when I bought it my heart was in some of the worst of our infertility pain. I actually bought it right after Christmas and held on to it for 6 months. At the time I wasn't sure
I believed we would ever have another baby. I certainly never would've let  myself dream that someday I would have a little girl that Avery could pass it back to.  Time marched on and I forgot about the Chiefs uniform. 

This fall when we were talking costumes I was thinking Cinderella or Dorothy. But that would've required work!  I was going through Camryn closet and found this. I decided it would be an easy way out this year. I still didn't think about it much until last
night when we were Trick or Treating. It hit me how God is still redeeming things in my life from that time period. It took almost 5 years from when I bought this  to see it. I still remember the feeling of that pain but I'm so thankful that it has been replaced with happiness. With all the controversy with Halloween in Christian circles God used it to once again remind me of His love for me. 

And how perfect that the year Camryn could wear it the Chiefs are 8-0. That is definitely a God thing!  Haha!!

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Charity said...

Avery was excited to see Camryn wear something she remembered wearing! She had to tell me all about her Halloween the year she wore the uniform. I guess the elephant memory has made it's way to another generation!