Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hey What's the Big Idea

That is one of Camryn's phrases. I love every time I hear her exclaim it. Yes, it is yet another thing she learned from TV. 

But it seems fitting for how I feel today after reading blog #573 of why it is or isn't ok to start listening to Christmas songs. Really...why do I need a complete strangers approval or disapproval if I feel like listening to Bing Crosby non-stop starting now or last June?  I actually skimmed a blog post stating that they were against it because they were never allowed to listen to them as children prior to Thanksgiving but then decided this year it was ok to listen to them now because they are peaceful. The author stated it was ok because she was remembering the reason why we celebrate Christmas, etc, etc, etc. 

I guess it struck me as a little self righteous and a whole lot of annoying. And yes I realize I'm judging them just like I'm annoyed at them for judging me, but what gives people the gall to say what is always right and what is always wrong. I guess my Bible left out the chapter in the Gospels adding the 11th commandment...thou shall not put up a single piece of holly nor sing along with Bing prior to Thanksgiving. 

I realize I don't talk about my faith on here all the time or have sticky sweet posts talking about different heart issues I or my neighbors have. I'm just not that kind of person. I'm not sticky sweet and I don't try to make every post book material.  I don't plan to make everyone who reads my posts think wow, her heart is so great and mine is crap.  Don't get me wrong- I read a lot of great blogs by Christian women whom I love. I also have read some that raise my blood sugar level 100 pts. 

So here it is in a nutshell. I'm a Christian and I love The Lord. I also love Christmas and Christmas music and buying presents and decorating my house and looking at lights and Christmas decorations at the mall. I love hearing Christmas songs play while I'm shopping and I love looking at the greenery swags hanging from the mall ceiling. I also love red, orange and brown leaves and pilgrims and turkeys and the pumpkins on my bookshelf. And the holidays to me are just wrapped up in one gloriously wonderful time of the year full of beautiful scenery, great music (Bing Crosby Christmas on Pandora), fun times with family and friends and really cheesy but oh so fun to watch movies on Hallmark. It is also marked by the stressful, fun, and sobering time of organizing and putting on our live nativity at church. Do you know how many times I've worked the music while shivering wondering at the awe of Mary giving birth next to animals?  Was it cold?    Was she shivering between labor pains? Our little rendition is pretty great so how much more awesome would the real thing had been like in Bethlehem? Yes, all real thoughts I've pondered...I also usually have the music I want to use picked out prior to Thanksgiving.  Honestly I really don't try to separate all of these in my mind. They are just one large wonderful event to me.

I know not everyone loves Christmas music and that is ok. But don't confuse your dislike of it with Christmas becoming too commercialized. Just because I love it and could listen to it in June doesn't mean I have no idea what the true meaning of Christmas is. Also, don't imply that I'm making it not so special by not saving my decorations or music until exactly 25 days prior. I look at it as I'm extending that wonderful time period for as long as I can without looking weird. Because we've all wondered about the house still plugging in their lights in March...but it does make me smile when I see that.  

So I say crank up the Bing, plug in the lights, throw the ceramic turkeys down on the table and just enjoy this time of year. Every single feather, pilgrim hat made out of construction paper, dry turkey, Christmas lights, and carols possible this year. AND if you still feel like Bing January 2nd then go for it!!! You might just keep your volume down so the people next to you at work don't think you are completely crazy. 

And because I can't let this go- why would you ever outlaw your kids from listening to Christmas songs?  Metallica, Marilyn Manson and whatever other creepy group you can think of yes by all means don't allow that in your house- but Jingle Bells on Nov 1??? In sorry, but that is a little weird. 

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