Friday, March 15, 2013

First Trip to Sally's

Jay had to get some contest stuff in Springfield last night so we went along for the ride.  I needed some hairspray so Camryn and I went to Sally's while Jay and Cade got started at Wal-Mart.  I didn't think about how a store full of hairspray and lotion would be like Camryn's version of heaven.  I could not keep her from picking stuff up off of the shelves.  At one point she had two small bottles of hair stuff in her arms and she was saying "baby wotion" over and over. 

While we were there I decided to get some mother/daughter new nail polish for spring.  I thought it would be fun for her to help me pick out a color.  I looked away for a second and turned around to see her with the lid off of a bright orange color and she had it all over her hands.  I grabbed her hands to keep her from getting it on her clothes and she yelled owie over and over.  Owie is her go to word when someone does something she doesn't like.  By the time I wrestled the bottle out of her hands and got a wipe out the polish was dry.  Oh well.  I just put it back on the shelf.  Some poor soul will buy a bottle of bright orange polish someday and not get their full money's worth. 

Then I tried to check out and she was all over one of the displays with squeeze bottles of hair stuff and tubs of hair pomade.  I was running back and forth from the counter where my purse and wallet were all over the place to Camryn unscrewing lids as fast as she could.  I would take one from her to screw back while she was grabbing another to unscrew.  We went through that routine several times.  Finally she got some of the pomade and I barely saved it from a massive Camryn handprint.  Since the sales lady was watching Camryn do this I would've felt compelled to buy it.  The lady though didn't seem to mind.  She just kept saying "I can't believe she can open that stuff."  Stacy had told me she could - I just hadn't seen it happen yet. 

And don't let the picture fool you.  She was not at all sorry for what she did at Sally's.  She was extremely irritated with me because I unfairly insisted that she ride in the cart while we looked for Dad and Bubba in Wal-Mart.  Yes, I am so mean!!  When we finally found Jay and I just said "look who can unscrew lids."

See....she just wants out of the cart!

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