Monday, March 18, 2013

An Exciting Weekend

Friday night Cade ran in the house and screamed "MOM". For a split second I was afraid something bad had happened. Then he quickly went on to say that Jay had to help our neighbor pull a 2 headed calf. He wanted to know if he could go to. I knew Cade was excited because normally he would never ask if he could go with Jay. He usually always goes if Jay is doing something. Cade was just out
of his head with excitement. Jay was just as bad. He blew in the house trying to change clothes and asking if Cade told me about it. His phone battery was almost dead so I let him take mine. I knew he didn't want to miss a single photo opportunity.

Our neighbor has seen thousands of new baby calves and he had never seen a 2 headed calf. Either had our other neighbor who is a large animal vet. So at almost 11 Cade saw something most people have only heard about. The pictures creep me out so don't look if you have a weak stomach.

Saturday Sharon and I went to Branson to birthday shop for Cade. Camryn is definitely a girl!!! Every time we saw shoes she would pull hers off and try them on. It was so cute. I'm not sure the shoe people quite thought that - but we did pick up her trail of destruction. At Dress Barn she put on heels and then a bunch of bracelets. She kept saying things like "I like this" and "it is beautiful". You can tell she spends her day with a couple I other girly girls. She was really good considering what we put her through. She learned the meaning of shop 'til you drop!

She knows how to check price tags.  The foot and finger pointing you can see in the picture is a stranger who thought Camryn was the funniest thing. 

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