Monday, October 11, 2010

Transfer Protocol

FINALLY I have the protocol sheet from the NEDC in my hands.  For some reason it seemed like it took
F O R E V E R to get it this time.  Here is the timeline for the next few weeks of our lives....

10/14 - Start Lupron (Jay is so excited for me to be on this one again - remember when I cried at Pizza Hut for no reason)
10/22 - First ultrasound and lab work
10/24 - Start Estrace (I really dislike the Estrace the most)
11/10 - Last ultrasound and lab work
11/11 - First shot of progesterone (the soreness from the last round just recently left my rear end area - I could still feel it if I did something jolting like running/jumping)
11/15 - TRANSFER!!!

I think this time we are going to fly to Tennessee.  The closest we can get is Nashville and then we'll drive the three hours to Knoxville.  I had been hoping for a Monday date so we could fly out Sunday, transfer Monday and fly home Tuesday.  Now that I have the schedule we can work on getting those details lined out.

The only thing missing on the protocol sheet is the date of the final blood draw.  Last time it was 10 days so that would put it the day before Thanksgiving.  Not sure how I feel about that and exactly when I'd want to have it drawn...I guess I will have to wait and see  once we have the transfer.  In a way I'd rather wait until the week after Thanksgiving, but if it's negative at least I'd have a long weekend to recover....Hard to say what would be better.  Just praying that whatever date it happens that it is ++++++.


Charity said...

Hoping you get a ++++

ExamBo said...

I am praying for you guys!!! And sending nothing but good thoughts your way.

Also, if you guys end up driving and need a mid point to stop feel free to call on me in St. Louis.

- Amy

Shelley said...

The anticipation is intense. Can't begin to imagine how you feel. I'm gld you got your dates. Hang in there.