Monday, October 18, 2010

End of the Season

Saturday night at 5 we had our last football game of the season.   There was a coaching shake-up at half time of last weeks game so things were a little different this week.  They came up with a substitution schedule so the kids were moving in and out of the game a lot.  It worked out so much better.  Jay said it was stressful with the kids running in and out, BUT he didn't have to do much controlling on the the sidelines.  The kids were engaged in the game and Jay said they all seemed like they had a much better time.  It's kind of sad that it finally got fun the last week, but they all survived.  Jay and I were so happy this was the last game.  We were so tired of the 2 hour 2 times a week practices.  After the game was over the head coach had them in a huddle and was passing out instructions on when to bring back their equipment and stuff.  Then he left them with some parting words that almost made me cry.....Basketball sign-ups are in two weeks.... 

Cade is third from the left in this picture.  We could always tell which one was Cade because his helmet was always crooked.  And it made him hold his head to one side.  Someday when he has to visit a chiropractor on a regular basis (he is part Fowler so I know will have to see a chiropractor) they will probably trace all of his problems back to 3rd grade football and the helmet that made his head go to one side.

Here he is after the game looking tough.  He was very disappointed that he has to turn in his football pants.  He really doesn't want to do that because if he plays next year he might end up with someone elses pants.  And in his words "I don't want anyone elses pants because you have no idea what could've been in them".  He is definitley my Grandma and Grandpa Ewing's grandson!

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