Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Prop B

I'm not a big political person.  It's not that I don't care, I just have enough stress in my own life so I avoid a lot of policitical discussions.  It only ends up making me mad about something that I can't do much about so that's one area where I try to cut stress out.  Jay on the other hand is much more political minded than me.  He's the one listening to FOX and talk radio.  I'm not completely in the dark because I do pick up on things when he's got the TV on or when we are in the car and he somehow sneaks in a talk radio station.  BUT today I'm going to post something policital for all my Missouri readers. 


I had not heard about this until last week when I saw something on Facebook.  I started reading about it and it is scary.  This bill is worded so that it sounds like the state of Missouri will be doing good things for Puppy Mills if we vote yes on this.  Who doesn't want to save puppies?  Who wants to see the pitiful pictures of puppies stuck in cages w/o food and water?  Who would be heartless enough to vote No on this....That's only if you don't know the real agenda of the organization pushing this bill.

There are so many problems with this bill....we already have rules in place for breeders.  This will be adding unnecessary expenses enforcing laws that are already on the books.  It will also put those legal breeders who are up to code now out of business.  The same breeders who aren't licensed will still skate by....and those are the ones who need to be regulated.  If you read any of the sites against this bill the stuff is ridiculous - a breeder will get in trouble if there is one piece of dog food in the water dish while an inspector is there.  That is insane.

The other problem with it though is huge.  This starts out as a law protecting pets, but it will grow into something much much bigger.  It's happened in other states.  This is HSUS way of working themselves into our state.  They will destroy production agriculture.  If it were up to them there would be no poultry farms, no pork farms, no beef farms, etc.  If you like your eggs, your chicken, your steaks, your bacon you have to vote NO on Prop B. 

I talked to my mom this weekend and on their TV stations the only ads that are running are Pro Prop B - it shows vets and dogs, etc.  That is scary.  I'm afraid a  lot of people who don't understand the true intent of this bill will look at those ads and vote yes and not even realize the widespread consequences it will have. 

Some would say that it is ridiculous, there is no way they can outlaw all of that.  Read about the horse market and what has happened since it because illegal to kill them.  When Jay and I talked about that when it first happened I asked him if he thought it would ever become illegal to kill cattle.  That seemed insane at the time, but just a few short years later it is very close to becoming a reality. 

If you are thinking of voting yes on this bill please, please do your research.  Research what HSUS has done to other states once they are in.  And remember that if you vote yes for it, don't say I didn't warn you when you can no longer go to your favorite steak house.

Here is the Farm Bureau site where you can get more information on Prop B.  Someone from Farm Bureau spoke at an ag teacher meeting this week and every one is highly concerned about this and what it will do to Missouri if it is passed.

Farm Bureau

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