Thursday, May 6, 2010

Knoxville and the NEDC

I had said I would post about some of the decisions we need to make, but I ran out of time last week. Jay is in the middle of revamping our church and we had a long fee days at work so I didn't get around to it. I will touch on it though in the next few days.

My appointment was today. We are very pleased with the doctor and the staff. I checked out - which I wasn't surprised. I truly believe we have unexplained IF. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong that anyone can find. They had a cancellation on their July schedule so I'm down for then. It will be somewhere around 20-22. I'll post more about the appointment once I'm to a computer.

Right now we are about 5 hours from home so we hope to be there around ten. I'll leave you with a picture we took on the road. Jay made me take it with my phone and then he slowed down so he could take one with his phone. I wasn't too happy with him. The poor girl, she was loaded down. I would've liked to have seen them loading it. If it were Jay and I there wouldve been a lot of yelling!!!

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