Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame....

But only if it's warmer than it was last night!!!

Last night started our 3rd and final year in Coaches Pitch Baseball.  We've had so much fun since Cade started playing baseball.  Even though we all like to win games, our coaches have been great about realizing it's about fun and gaining experience at this age.  Last nights game took place in Walnut Grove, Mo.  I had never been to Walnut Grove in my life.  I had to mapquest it yesterday to find out exactly where it was at.  We get to go back to Walnut Grove Thursday night.  We are going twice in one week to a town we had never been in before.  That's baseball for you!

Our game was supposed to start at 8pm.  We walked up to the field and were informed our game wouldn't start for at least another hour.  The 6pm game wasn't done so the 7pm game hadn't even started.  Did I mention it was freezing last night?  So not getting our game started until 8:45 meant it went until almost 10 pm...out in the cold.  I saw someone with a video camera and asked Jay why we didn't think about bringing ours.  It wouldn't have mattered...I was shivering so hard the film would've looked terrible.  I'll save it for one of those nights in a couple of weeks where it's so hot the sweat causes your shirt to stick to your back. 

Cade is 8 and too "cool" for mom to take a picture of...but snapping one on my iPhone was acceptable.  Oh the thought processes of an 8 year old boy.  Here is our Cardinal this year.  He looks so grown up.  Notice the red cleats.  Those were a priority for him this year.  We found a pair in his size and didn't cost $1M (you parents know what I mean, sometime they might as well say that will be $1M when they ring your stuff up at the register).  Last night I had him wear his regular shoes and change into the cleats so he wouldn't be scrapping them all along the backs of my car seats.  For some reason he got it in his head he didn't want to wear them last night.  I asked him why and that started a whole fussing fit at the gas station where we stopped to get a Gatorade.  When we got in the car I asked him again why he didn't want to wear them and he said "It's in the past, lets just move on and forget about it."  "That's what Mrs. H tells us to do".  What man doesn't cling to that advice as the gospel??  Again...the thought processes of an 8 year old.  I'm still really curious about why he didn't want to wear them, but I was outnumbered on letting it go vs. making him tell me why...so thanks for the advice Mrs. H.  I had to let it go.

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Anonymous said...

Cade looks like a pretty serious player this year...is that a batting glove too?