Monday, April 19, 2010

Our Weekend

Our weekend was pretty low key. Since Jay didn't get home Saturday morning until 2 am we took it pretty easy both days.

On Saturday our project was to go pick up this...

and this...

Finally, two months later, all of Cade's furniture is in. The nightstand looks short and silly next to the enormous bed but we'll make it work. We are just glad we've got it. This morning I heard Cade say "wow, I didn't have to get my underwear out of a laundry basket". Yes, it was exciting for all of us.
Sunday afternoon Jay cleaned out the garage.  I was supposed to be helping but I got sidetracked by the enormous box of sidewalk chalk I did Cade....

and so did Charlie.  Charlie was a little too interested in it, so our sidewalk fun was short lived.

Cade then moved into Indiana Jones mode.  Here's Indiana hunting ants, which he then put in Jay's burn pile.  I guess he's a typical boy...even if he is wearing a purse messenger bag (you might recognize that from Halloween)

After Jay got the garage cleaned he moved to the shop.  It's chicken time again.  He's supposed to bring the babies home on Wednesday so he needed to get their pen built.  Since we have a title to maintain this year, Jay's already been talking about what he can do to grow them bigger.  We'll be the ones with the 15 pound chickens in our freezer the second week of June.  In a few weeks I'll be back to checking on the babies at lunch to make sure the poor overweight things haven't had a stroke.  Even though I grew up on a farm it didn't prepare me for being married to a man obsessed with show animals.  Did I mention Buttons is getting a pedicure this week???

And one last highlight from the weekend.  We've lived in this house five years and never knew we had a Lilac Bush.  Yesterday afternoon Jay and I realized it was blooming - it never has before.  It was just a nice little bonus to the day.  I love Lilac's.  Maybe this means my Hydrangea's will bloom this year???

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Kristy said...

Great updates lately! How are the meds treatin' you?