Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Our last year in Coach's Pitch Baseball got underway officially last night with their first practice.  Thankfully Jay is not the head coach this year - he's just assisting.  We got the phone call Monday night about practice and that seemed to light a fire under Cade.  He wanted to go outside right then and practice.  Even though it was 8 pm we headed out and played a little before it got too dark.  He really seemed to be in to it so I hope that continues for the rest of the season.

Trying to get Cade to do things sometimes is a struggle.  I'm not sure if it's because he's stubborn or if he knows he may not have the skills yet to master what ever it is that we want him to do.  No matter how much we work on things or try things he is never successful until he makes up his mind that's what he's going to do.  It all started with potty training and I see it continuing with other things that take a little bit of skill to master....tying his shoes, riding a bike and now baseball.  I think his body has finally gotten to where he's got more coordination so maybe that makes it more fun for him to play now???  Whatever the reason I'm just thankful practice didn't go like his very first practice.  It's always a good feeling when as a parent you don't want to pretend like you don't know who that child belongs to. 

I guess though if we're talking about progress I should also say that I've progressed quite a bit from that first year.  I didn't know a single other parent on our team so at practice I'd stand on the sidelines by myself.  Last night I sat by another mother and we talked through the whole thing.  Maybe I just developed the skills I needed to interact with other parents Ha Ha.  Maybe Cade gets that stubborn/skill thing from me?

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