Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Getting ready to leave

We are in Sheldon now getting our stuff together.  We had Christmas with my family last night.  This morning Mom and Dad watched Cade open up a few of the presents we brought for him.  It was stuff for him to take on the trip.  They also got to listen to the special phone call we received from Mickey and Goofy inviting Cade to Disneyland.  Our flight leaves KC at 6:05 tonight.  We have a 55 minute layover in Houston and we should be in California by 10:30 pm their time.  Tomorrow and Friday we'll be at Disneyland, Saturday Legoland, Sunday Universal Studio and Monday we'll go back to Disneyland.  Our flight  leaves Tuesday morning at 6:45 am. 

You might say a prayer for us for safety and nerves the next few days.  We didn't want Cade to see the news this morning because of the plane crash in Jamaica, but he saw it and it has him worried.  I think knowing he's worried has me nervous.  Jay's in for a wonderful time!

I'm hoping to keep this updated as we go along today to have for our own memories.  This is Cade's first time to fly so I want to have a record of it.

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Charity said...

Did you take any sedatives?