Monday, December 14, 2009


Christmas preperations are in full swing around our house. This year I'm in charge of the church's Christmas play. Which in turn means that Jay is taking a very active role in the production. We've spent several nights at the church digging through costumes, preparing the stage and fixing the lights. Our house has also suffered due to the play. Last week I had angel wings strung all over the kitchen and family room. I thought they were going to be the death of me, but I got them finished Friday night.

This year our church play is the traditional nativity. It's been a few years since our church has done this. Our other plays were nice and I enjoyed them, but I really love the simple nativity productions.

I got a copy of  my Aunt Helen's play that I grew up with. As I told Jay, I'm taking my Aunt's play and tweaking it some to make it my own....Since it is really impossible to improve on the KJV Gospel of Luke I've changed some other things. I added O Holy Night because it is my favorite Christmas song, added Mary Did You Know because we have a lady at church that sings the best version I've ever heard, changed the last line to put in Isaiah 9:6-7 because those are some of my favorite verses AND the big change... I've painted the angel wings metallic gold.

Yes, big things have been in the works around the Shepherd houshold this week. The play is next Sunday. I'll just be happy if the shepherds make it down the aisle without using their staffs as swords.....or more specifically that one "shepherd" would behave himself......I'll let you guys guess which one I'm talking about.

I love this time of the year!


Charity said...

Wow, metalic angel wings- that's pretty risky!! I'm sure it will be great- everthing you do is ALWAYS a success!!

Kristy said...

Wow...I'm so impressed! I'm taking the on the task of children's choir (one song), but I'd love to do more in the future...maybe I'll pick your brain next year! Can't wait to hear how that little shepherd boy does!