Friday, December 18, 2009

10 Years Today...

  1 Wonderful Husband
+1 Happy Wife
+1 year of dating
+ 3 month engagement
+1 beautiful wedding
+1 Great Little Boy
+1 Obnoxious Dog
-2 not so lucky dogs
-6 even unluckier cats
+2 different home loans
+1 old house that made us appreaciate our newer home
+2 different trucks
+4 different cars
-1 totaled Buick
-1 tree that fell over and landed on the Monte Carlo and our fence
+3 different church families
+4 different jobs
-4 grandparents lost since 2004
+9 major trips together
-4.5 years of infertility
+3 years of an adoption journey that's taught us a lot
-1 police report for stolen tools 2 weeks after our wedding
-4 surgeries
+4 because the surgeries were for very minor problems
-6 of the longest months without a dishwasher in 2005
+1.5 Hereford Embryos and the excitement thats gone along with that
-1 Call to the fire department
-1 Opossum stuck in a Wal Mart sack in our garage
-2 roof leaks from a hole in our roof
+1 husband willing to dress up like a Wisemen (complete with paper crown) and sing We Three Kings because I needed the part filled
=10 wonderful years full of excitement, ups and downs and a whole lot of laughs and love

Happy Anniversary, I love you!!!!


Charity said...

Happy Anniversary!!
Can't wait to see Jay all "dressed up" on Sunday!! Can't believe you have been married that long- it doesn’t seem that long ago ;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry I am a day late! Hope you had a wonderful anniversary and you have a great time in California this week!