Thursday, November 12, 2009

Adoption update

It's been awhile since the last update on this subject. Since I'm at the Cassville office today without a computer I'll try to do it on my phone. I'll apologize up front for the typos. Typing with two fingers is not easy.

Things are pretty much the way they've been since the beginning of this ride almost three years ago. I've started to think adoption is very similar to what I've heard about the military - Hurry up and wait. It seems like we get in a rush to get things done and then someone somewhere ends up sitting on the paperwork. We finally ( just in the last week) got everything back to finish the homestudy. We also got back our profile that the socialworker looked at for us. I've got it corrected, copied and in the mail to Bethany. We should finally be getting the letter and pictures updated on the site anytime now...

We've had our profile looked at several times over the last few months. Obviously we haven't been picked. I had a lady that I work with proofread the profile. Afterwards she said she didn't understand why we hadn't been picked yet. I told her that was what I kept thing too!! The new profile is a little brighter and the pictures are bigger. I'm hoping that will make it stand out more?

I do check the website often to see what families had been chosen. I kept thinking something was different but couldn't figure it out. Finally last week it hit me. The older couple is gone. Since I never saw them with either a placement or placement pending across their face I'm thinking they didn't continue their contract with Bethany. This really made me sad. I feel for that couple because you invest so much into this - money, time, emotions - that it would be horrible to quit. But on the other hand I can understand their need to let this go because it is so emotionally draining. It also bothers me for a selfish reason. Will we get to that point? How long do you keep doing this? How many homestudy updates do you do? I know that's a personal decision that's different for everyone. How close are we to that point? I'm not sure Jay and I have an answer for that. Right now we are approved for another year. We've got some time to evaluate where we are and how willing we are to continue this. I say this every year, but surely next year is the year.!?

On another note - I've mentioned Skyler on the blog before. He's the 7 year old with a brain tumor. I used to work with his dad, Ryan. Please check out his site He and his family could use all the prayers they can get right now. They are such a special family and it's hard to see them go through what they are right now. Thanks

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