Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Clark Griswold Moment

We had a Clark moment Saturday afternoon. Cade was at the table eating a bowl of cereal, I was taking Christmas tubs back to the garage and Jay was somewhere on a ladder hanging Christmas lights...

This is a good time to explain Jay and when he yells. I think I've heard rumors that he inherited this trait from someone...but he tends to overreact sometimes with his actions. I don't know how many times he's scared me to death because he's yelled so loudly I go running to him to find out he dropped something or bumped his head. I know he over reacts but I'll always go check because I think what if this was the time it really was serious. Just explaining that so you'll understand my part of the story.

I was sitting a tub outside and Cade was asking me to come and look at something. At that moment I heard Jay yelling for me. It took a moment to register that Jay really was yelling for me. I told Cade I'd have to look later, dad needed me. His yelling was louder and more urgent sounding then usual so I really was worried. I tore out of the house with no shoes on. I had no idea even where he was at outside. In the two seconds it took me to get out of the house and around the corner I was imagining all sorts of horrible things that could've happened. Once I rounded the house I saw him on the ladder with the Christmas lights. Everything appeared fine so I quit running. I thought if he yelled like that just to get me to come out and pick up something he dropped I'm going to be so mad. As I was walking up to him I was telling him pretty much the same thing. About that time though I noticed the ladder. It had tipped over to the left side and Jay was hanging onto our guttering. I ran over and tried pulling it (and him) back over. Then the ladder got hooked on the downspout and got stuck. I didn't know what I was going to do. I pulled harder and finally I got the ladder down. Jay nor our guttering suffered any damage. As I was leaning against the ladder trying to recover from the weak kneed feeling you get when you get scared I looked up and saw Cade standing there (without shoes). I thought that we must've scared him to. Wrong - as soon as Jay got off the ladder Cade said can I show you this now. I said yes, go ahead. It was Chex cereal and two pieces were stuck together. That was what he wanted to show me when the yelling started and he was determined to show me no matter what. He certainly is a persistent little thing. As soon as I made the appropriate response to two Chex pieces being stuck together he went back inside.

I told Jay that he looked like Clark Grizwold on the ladder. Luckily we don't have any ice or the neighbors might of came home to find a window busted out and their CD player destroyed. Jay said the whole time he was on the ladder that was the scene going through his mind. He said he could've jumped and been fine, but he was afraid the guttering would've gone with him. Then when he saw me he thought everything would be fine, but I stopped running once I saw him and started lecturing.

I went back inside and put on some shoes so I could stay outside with him. My heart couldn’t take any more scares.

Charity said that it was a good thing Charlie didn't find Jay on the ladder before I could get there.  With all of his hostility towards Jay he probably would've pushed the ladder over.  I guess there's always something to be thankful for in any situation...

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